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How To Convert More Customers

Posted on: September 29, 2010

convert customersSay you have a great product, a regularly updated blog, and pretty good web content, but you just can’t figure out why customers are getting to the purchase page, and bailing at the last minute.

You need a strategy to keep those customers from panicking and deserting your business website at the last minute. What qualities does it take for a customer to make a commitment and purchase the product of their interest? From your website?

These qualities are trustworthiness, transparency, credibility, and brand awareness. Much of this can come from high-value content, but you really need to pay attention to details throughout your website.

Transparency is key

Every aspect of your website should project trustworthiness. Have real contact information. Include a personal photo. Have seals and banners for anti-hacker technology and a seal for the Better Business Bureau on your purchase page. Post a blog everyday, not just once a week. Create a help section that actually addresses real customer issues.

These tactics make life easier for the customer, which is your ultimate goal. Customers look for products that aim to solve their problems. Be a strong, viable solution for them.

Why are customers so hesitant?

Customers have developed a high awareness of sales tactics. This causes anxiety in the general consumer population for high-involvement purchases. All of us have been scammed or disappointed after making a purchase from an unscrupulous business. These experiences compound and give consumers purchase-anxiety.

Consumers second-guess their judgments all the time when it comes to making purchases. Don’t give them any reason to mistrust you or hesitate. Your customer testimonials are a huge asset in this realm. Be transparent, trustworthy, and credible. Answer questions and don’t hesitate to follow up with customers who have expressed interest but never taken initiative.


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