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How To Make Your Business’s Social Media Presence More Personal

Posted on: October 8, 2010

personal social mediaSocial Media is marketed as a human communication medium. This is ideal for businesses because it allows businesses to give a more personal and accessible touch to their marketing efforts. However, as business’s use of social media grows, so does the consumer awareness of business’s social media marketing strategies.

So how do we differentiate that perception as a business? Below are a few tips you can use to make your business’s social media strategy a little more “human,” and less automated. Having a more personal social media presence will help your credibility and encourage people to genuinely participate in conversations with you.

Group pictures

Instead of using your icon or logo for your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and blog channels you use, try using a photo of your staff for a period of time. This will show that there are real people behind the Facebook comments and Tweets.

Introduce your staff

Have a page on your blog that discusses each member of your team – including a photo. Radio station websites take advantage of this asset to give their radio personalities more accessibility (literally giving a face to the voice) to their listeners. Include briefs in your About Us section in your Facebook that describes each member of your team.

Employee stories

Feature a blog post or Facebook post on one of your employees each month. Use your employees’ experiences with your product or service to build interesting stories that will be engaging for you consumers to read, as well as build more of a personal connection with your product’s benefits.

Encourage personal accounts

Have your employees use their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with potential customers about your product or service. Give them free reign about how they communicate with customers. They should however, include a few photos and their affiliation with your company. Be sure to have them include a link back to your business website to help drive traffic.

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