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How SEO Returns Long Term Results

Posted on: October 13, 2010

top seoMany people are under the impression that search engine optimization is a service for those looking for a “quick fix” or “immediate ROI,” according to Generally, people have the idea that SEO fits into similar categories as traditional online marketing channels, like paid ads or email marketing. This leads to the belief that SEO should have instantaneous results.

Not only is this paradigm wrong, it is dangerous. SEO is certainly not a short term, one-time thing. This impression can lead people who are seeking SEO services to engage in risky, fly-by-night SEO practices and cut-rate SEO services that take your money and run.

Clients that hire SEO services that promise instantaneous results are almost always disappointed and feel ripped off afterward. This can lead people to believe that SEO is ineffective, doesn’t deliver, and almost always a scam.

What Can You Do?

Trust SEO services that use time-table results. Usually SEO experts that understand the length of time and effort it takes to see results from SEO will show you a period of time in which continuous effort will help to increase your search engine visibility and page rankings.

These efforts include updating your online business website with quality content, effective keywords, and useful backlinks. describes this process as a marathon. However, this is no 26.2 mile marathon, it is a never-ending marathon.

In the SEO marathon, you are generally trailing behind your competition and the effort you put forth is to catch up, because your competition has been in the game a lot longer than you have. People and businesses that are not already solidly ranked by search engines need to understand the effort and time it takes to build those rankings.

The point is this: SEO is not a formula for instantaneous results and immediate ROI. It is a continuous effort and can take more than a year to begin to lead in search engine rankings.


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