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How NASA is Using Social Media

Posted on: October 25, 2010

nasa twitterAs small businesses begin to incorporate social media into their marketing regimen, bigger companies and organizations are using entire teams of people to manage their social media marketing campaigns. NASA is a clear example of how this process has proved successful.

NASA’s presence on Twitter has exploded with followers. Even the news covered NASA when an astronaut checked in on Foursquare from outer space last week. As of today, October 25, 2010, NASA has 628,400 followers on Twitter. They had 626,000 only a few days ago.

Stephanie Schierholz, a social media manager for NASA stated:

“We are currently gaining 10,000 new followers on Twitter every week…on our website, we have a page dedicated to social media.”

Social Media Positioning

NASA is using their social media marketing team to reposition the NASA personality in the minds of the younger generation. There are two shuttle program voyages scheduled for November 1 and February 27. They are using social media to host contests to encourage younger people to become involved in the launch

This contest, dubbed “Tweet-ups” include 150 random Twitter followers that have been selected and awarded a press pass for the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery out of Cape Canaveral, FL. Schierholz said the prize-winners would have to pay for their own expenses, but would receive a tour and time with an astronaut.

Location Based Social Media

NASA is also using geo-social platforms like Foursquare. NASA also gives information to people who check in with Foursquare about their locations. For instance, a check-in at the agency’s headquarters will produce a message telling the user that a replica of NASA astrophysicist John Mather’s Nobel Prize is on display in the lobby.

NASA has reported that using social media will help with advertising costs mainly because the agency cannot conduct paid advertising, and because social media marketing only has costs in relation to time. The social media efforts have been paying off as younger people become involved and engage with the social media and geo-social platforms.


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