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How To Start Your Small Business the Right Way

Posted on: October 26, 2010

small business marketingAs a small business owner, you have already taken the steps you need toward financial independence and personal growth. Many people dream of being your position, of being their own boss and living outside of someone else’s cubicle. However, you are probably fully aware that owning your own business is not all stars and rainbows, it’s back breaking work at times.

You don’t want to be statistic. You don’t want to be just another small business that never took off. Here are a few ways to avoid letting your small business sputter out.

Make Your Deadlines

Generally everything tied to your small business comes back to you as a person. It is so important to keep your word when it comes to delivering promises to clients or investors. Even if something goes wrong and you can’t make a deadline, you need the initiative and integrity to admit to it, and solve the problem.

Aggregate Communication

As a new small business owner, you need to be in constant communication with your employees. The tasks they are assigned need to be completed according to your guidelines and if they aren’t, it comes right back to you, your image, and your business. By having tools like social media networks to set up conference communication, you can encourage your employees to work together and discuss ways to improve efficiency.

Set up a private Facebook group, Twitter account, whatever, to encourage fast and easy communication. By having access to your employees (and giving them access to you), you will save time and energy, as well as avoid expensive travels costs.

Use Marketing Tools

You may have set up a small business that seems like a phenomenal idea. Who wouldn’t want your product? However, you can’t just expect your business to take off without grinding away at making it exist in the bigger picture.

You constantly need to be marketing your business, but how do you do that without being immediately labeled as a spammer? Use social media. Use it genuinely. Ask your followers or friends genuine questions about what they would want from your product. Ask people who have your product, why they are satisfied with it and how you can improve it?

Genuine communication is the number one marketing strategy in the world of social media. There is no better way to spread viral communication than social media, and it doesn’t work if you are labeled as just another advertisement.

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