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3 Ways To Start A Customer Loyalty Campaign

Posted on: November 3, 2010

customer loyalty campaignThere are several factors that separate successful businesses from those that break even. One of these aspects seems to stand out the most. The most successful businesses have customers that keep coming back, they have a strong customer base. Their lifeblood is customer loyalty.

While short-term sales may show profits, they are unpredictable and require a lot of initial work with no follow up. Long-term sales created by customer loyalty campaigns can actually show more profit in the end, and it is a more consistent and steady flow of income for the business owner. published a great post on how to retain customers by developing a customer loyalty program for your business.

Follow these tips to build a successful program for your business:

1. Don’t Abandon Service for Savings Alone

Discounts and savings are on the minds of most consumers, yet don’t overlook other major customer-pleasing enhancements, such as quick or better service or improved customer handling. New research from Genesys and analysts at Datamonitor/Ovum shows nearly two-thirds of consumers have ended a relationship with a company due to customer service alone, and the majority of them take their business to a competitor. Your best customers want personalized service and support that’s accessible instantly–often by phone. This is where your small business can excel over larger competitors whose customers may feel lost in a maze of automated self-service.

2. Make Communication a Two-Way Street

With the cost efficiency of e-mail, it’s no wonder it’s the workhorse for the vast majority of loyalty campaigns. Printed mailings and statements are also used by many marketers to remind customers of benefits and rewards. And corporate websites are becoming increasingly important components in loyalty campaigns. For many types of businesses, it’s smart to build interactivity into your company’s site with customer generated content, online customer service, or live chat with a representative. You can also create a site specifically to enhance customer relationships and build loyalty.

3. Avoid Loyalty Turnoffs

Too much spam and junk e-mail top the list of what consumers don’t like about loyalty and rewards program membership. While most member communication is monthly according to the CMO Council report, 20 percent of loyalty marketers interact with members on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis. How often do you communicate with your best customers? Daily or even weekly e-mails may be too frequent for many members, particularly if the offers or other communications are perceived as not relevant to their business or personal needs.

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