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How To Use Social Media For MORE Than Just Sales Leads

Posted on: November 19, 2010

social media customer serviceSocial media can give a small business owner control of their branding. With the power to distribute your information on your terms, to the people you target, however often you want, at almost no cost, it’s like having a miniature marketing department right at the tips of your fingers.

Social media can give you as a small business owner much more than just sales leads. You can use the power of social media for various purposes like researching your target market, enhancing your level of customer service, and ultimately defining your brand identity.

The power of research

If you post a question on your Facebook status, chances are, someone is going to answer it. Now, imagine having a Facebook page for your business, say you own a coffee shop, and posting a question like “Do lines in coffee shops drive you crazy? What do you think a coffee shop can do to cut down lines and speed up service? Any ideas?” Just looking at the feedback you get can help you better understand what your consumer base wants, and can give you an idea of what direction you need to take your business in.

Customer service

In addition to learning about the opinions and thoughts of your customers, you can use the power of social media to better serve your customers. Assuming you already have a solid product and effective infrastructure in place, you probably already have some sort of customer service method. However, Facebook can just get you that much closer to your customer.

For example, a customer has ordered one of your custom tee-shirts that you sell, but something came up during the shipment and it’s now on back order. You can just mosey on over to their Facebook page and leave a message saying “your order is on back order and we’ll let you know as soon as we get it, we apologize for the inconvenience.” It’s more intimate than a cookie-cutter email, and your customer now sees that you truly care about their satisfaction. Also, unlike emails, they have the option to message you back – the ultimate intimate feedback you need to improve your services.


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