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How To Hire The Right People

Posted on: November 23, 2010

find good employeesAs a smaller business owner, you have a clear understanding of how difficult it is to find effective employees. As cautious as you try to be, you always end up with at least one employee that isn’t motivated, doesn’t work to full capacity, or simply doesn’t get it.

In addition, it costs you personally to commit to an employee’s salary and benefits. It’s frankly a waste of money to invest in an employee that doesn’t work to full capacity and it sends a poor message to your customers. The first problems to address are who to hire, when and where to find suitable candidates.

Hiring the right person

The most important aspect of hiring the right person depends on your product. You need a staff that can get the product or service to the market. Generally, high-level executives (like a vice president of marketing or sales) aren’t hired until the company has seen growth.

Also, only hire someone if you absolutely need the help. If you can outsource that position to a free-lancer for example, it would be extremely beneficial to you. If you can intelligently delegate work to the right people, you’re already on your way to having an efficient staff.

Focus on hiring flexible candidates that can function and thrive in a small environment. The best candidate only needs a few instructions and can apply their skills to various areas. Small businesses need these kinds of candidates because there aren’t necessarily set positions and everyone needs to take on a certain amount of work in different areas.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal guide to small business:

“An entrepreneur’s best bet for finding employees usually is networking. Ask for referrals from your friends, industry colleagues and advisers, such as your accountant, attorney, board members and organization members. If one of your advisers or colleagues recommends somebody, they’ve done some of your employee screening work already. Start-ups typically find their first 10 or 15 employees this way.”

Use any resources you can to find the right candidates. Having employees and staff members that add value to your business is crucial for you success as a business owner

1 Response to "How To Hire The Right People"

Good article. I have spent the last 20 years running startups and small companies and the employees you need are different than in larger or more mature companies. For instance, when selling for a smaller company, the rep must sell without brand recognition, without sales and marketing support and sometimes without even having many (or any) case studies. To be successful requires a much different skill set than in a large company. Not to mention the person must be comfortable with the pace of change within the small company which requires flexibility as you point out.

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