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How To Attract The Media To Your Business

Posted on: November 24, 2010

business newsHow can you make a name for your business? Sure you may have a great product, but your business will never be able to take off if no one knows about it. If you want your business to make headlines and gain the attention of people across the country – you need to bite the bait of media outlets.

If you want the attention of journalists, you need to be very careful. Journalists can be very picky about who and what they publish so use this advice to attract their attention and give them every reason possible to put your business’s name in headlines.

1. What Makes You, You?

The first thing you need to make obvious is what sets you apart from other businesses. Take a pen and paper and write down three attributes that come to your mind that make you unique. What are your selling points? Why should people buy from you and not someone else?

2. Perfect Your Pitch

Your pitch should be concise and to the point. It should be built based upon the three selling points you decided on earlier. Your pitch should stay under 30 seconds (generally 2 sentences). That’s about all you’ll be allowed to gain a journalist’s attention.

3. Be Adaptable

No matter what media outlet you choose to target, they all have different audiences. If you conduct a proper amount of research, you can tailor your pitch and your idea to fit what that audience wants to hear.

4. Have Enough Information

There’s nothing more peevish to a journalist than being forced to dig for more information after taking on your idea, especially with tight deadlines. Be sure to have additional information available in advance. If a journalist does choose to feature your story, have screenshots, videos, or images readily available.

5. Keep Your Submissions Focused

Take a great effort to personalize your submission to the editor you send it to, don’t spam to dozens of editors, choose significant contacts and spend time tailoring your material to those specific people.

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