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3 Ways To Make A Great First Impression

Posted on: November 29, 2010

entrepreneur first impressionAs an entrepreneur, it is imperative to retain a good reputation. Making mistakes during a meeting is avoidable. There are techniques you can use to make sure you make a proper first impression every time. It’s as simple as doing an adequate amount of research on the person and the company with whom you are meeting.

Here are a few tips to follow to prepare for any meeting, and make a great first impression:

1. Research who you are meeting

Use the company website to look up any information you can find about the person you are meeting with. Think about basic things you would need to carry on a friendly conversation. Where did the person grow up? How did they start their career? What are their personal interests? What you are looking for is ways to relate to the person. People like people who are like them. It’s very simple, if you can remember someone’s name and some basic facts about them, you already stand out in their mind.

2. Research the company

When you are looking at a company website, avoid scanning. People can always tell when you have simply skimmed through a website and didn’t spend much time there, or focus on the right parts. Know who their featured clients are, read testimonials and comments, read the blogs that the site features. You should know exactly what the company does and why it is different from their competitors. This will not only help your knowledge about their company but will give you conversation topics should you need them.

3. Have a purpose

Make sure you walk into the meeting with clear and indisputable objectives. Have questions that you want answered at the top of your mind. Directness can go a long way in entrepreneurship. You are not using the meeting to flaunt all of the research you’ve done prior, but to accomplish the objectives you had in mind when you scheduled the meeting in the first place.


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