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How To Keep Your Customers Happy and Talking About You

Posted on: December 2, 2010

good customer reviewsWith the growth of social media and the increasing importance of positive word of mouth marketing, it is more difficult than ever to shape your advertising campaign to ensure a positive image. Customers are inevitably going to talk to other customers. If a customer has had a poor experience, it will reflect poorly on you and there is not much you can do about it after the fact.

How to avoid poor reviews

The most important thing to remember is the critical need to please your customers. You need them to keep coming back after all, why not encourage them to come back with their friends? There are many ways to maintain quality customer service using social media, where the conversation about your brand is happening anyway. Make sure to have accounts on various social media channels that encourage customer feedback like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs.

How to use social media for customer service

With the blog posts, you can write something creative such as an answer to a customer question or response to a customer concern once a week. The advantage to this is that not only are you answering a question that other customers may have, but it is now published to your website which shows two things: one-that you’re genuinely concerned in the happiness of your customer and two-that you are willing and able to solve the concerns of your customers should they arise.

Facebook and Twitter are great to answer quick customer questions and respond to customer complaints. However, social media is regularly updated and one status update will be forgotten two weeks from now. The reason why blogs are great is because they’re a little more permanent and generally have a longer shelf life.

The more questions you answer and problems you solve, the better it reflects on you and your company. Negative word of mouth marketing will inevitably happen, it is so hard to avoid. However, if you take care of the customer first, your chances of having poor reviews firing across the Internet decrease dramatically.


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