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Why Marketing is a Long Term Investment

Posted on: December 8, 2010

Why Marketing is a Long Term InvestmentMarketing is about distributing information and sending deliberate messages to your audience. There are several different channels of marketing including advertising, customer service, public relations, and having a quality product in the first place.

Why Marketing is Not Sales

Selling is where you measure your profits. When you are behind on revenue, you increase selling efforts. Improve on selling skills, try targeting new audiences, or offer a more valuable product or different incentives to buy.

Marketing is not sales because marketing is difficult to track. You cannot measure your return on investment when it comes to marketing. It’s all about branding, getting your business’s name out and ingrained in your audience. Marketing is when your customers hear your company’s name, they have an image of your business that you deliberately created.

Why Marketing is Important

Marketing is an extremely important aspect of growing your business. Even though the marketing you do today will pay off in a measure of months or years, it is important to market simply because it will make your business last much longer than if you were to focus your efforts on ramping up your sales efforts.

Also, if you choose to begin marketing your company and your product, try to spread out your efforts among various channels. It is hard for a large audience to hear (and most importantly – remember) who you are if it is limited to just one channel. If you are advertising on the radio, you need to pump up your social media marketing efforts equally. A lot of people on social media networks don’t listen to the radio. You need to be aware of your potential audience reach.

Making it a Long Term Investment

If you create a marketing plan, it should expand over a long period of time, from months to years. You need to stay committed, consistent, and persistent. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results because it’s not about the return on sales (that’s SALES), it’s about creating and identity for your company in your consumers’ minds.

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