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Why Social Media is Changing the B2B Marketing Strategy

Posted on: December 10, 2010

Why Social Media is Changing the B2B Marketing StrategySocial media is exploding in the business market. More and more business owners are starting to recognize that they need to put some effort social media marketing. In many cases, that’s where the understanding ends. Because social media is so new, it is difficult to measure exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it works.

Tony Zambito, Founder and Principal of Goal Centric, wrote a fantastic brief on detailing what social media is used for, how to use it, and why it’s effective. Read the key points below and learn why social media marketing could be the next best thing for your small business:

Listening Post

Social media represents the new “listening post” to buyers. Buyers have always by nature gravitated towards a listening post. From the old western frontier saloon to the modern day conferences buyers have listened. Social media has created a widespread availability for buyers to listen in on what is new, what others are saying, and for good sound advice without having to reveal who they are.

Online Education

We are hearing much these days about content marketing, content curation, content creation, and the likes. A read on this from a buyer’s perspective and how it is changing the buying experience is that buyers expect to be educated. In reality, B2B businesses are learning to become a new breed of online educators. Buyers, when confronted with problems, issues, and initiatives, are impulsively online seeking to educate themselves about what confronts them. If this “thirst for knowledge” cannot be filled, on they move until a source is discovered that can. Social media can represent such a source for education.

Peer Review

Social media platforms, in an alternative form of the traditional means, represent a new mode of peer review for professionals in B2B domains. This is much different than peer-to-peer networking per se’ for it alludes to establishing a form of reputation, credibility, and subject matter expertise. Peer review within social media platforms is transforming the buyer experience by creating a “collegiality” atmosphere to the overall buying experience.

Brand Advocacy 

Social media represents a new fountain of advocacy for a particular brand. An all-encompassing advocacy of a brand and the experience they represent. The key difference is that buyers will contribute to brand advocacy organically versus being asked to through whatever promoted means designed to “compel” them to do so. While B2C promoted advocacy can catch on, B2B buyers are astute in differentiating organic advocacy from promoted advocacy.

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