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4 BIG Small Business Changes for 2011

Posted on: December 15, 2010

4 BIG Small Business Changes for 2011As the year 2010 comes to a close, many small business owners are enjoying the holidays and looking forward to the future. There will be several changes and enhancements in the world of small business next year; many of these changes have already started to take place.

Mobile Applications

For the past couple years, it was important for business owners to build an effective website and then create a mobile app to supplement the website and make access more readily available to consumers. Next year, it will become imperative for a small business owner to design your website keeping mobile in mind. Your site should be simple, clean, and easy to read from a mobile device.

Social Media

It’s already becoming mandatory for small businesses to have a social media presence, so what could be changing for next year? Social media marketing may very well shift from connecting with consumers to selling to consumers. Now that social media users are becoming desensitized to seeing businesses’ presence on social media, it will come time for consumers to do business on social media. Workers with skills in social media will have a busy year next year.


Search engine optimization will get even more complicated next year, content will still be incredibly important of course, but search engines are getting smarter too. You won’t be able to rely on stuffing your content with keywords. Search engines will begin to differentiate the value of keywords by using methods such as ranking the amount certain keywords are mentioned on social media sites. Next year, it will be about how you use your keywords, not how much you use them.

Traditional Marketing

There are rumors floating around the Internet saying that traditional marketing, like direct mail, telemarketing, radio advertising, and the like are fizzling out. Now, marketing must be a form of entertainment. Marketing is revolutionizing into a form of customer acquisition in which businesses aspire to gain relationships with customers, rather than sales.

It is important to keep up with trends. Some trends may stay as trends, and some may die out. Social media looks like it’s here to stay so it’s important to develop a social media strategy for your business and your website.

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