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What You’re Doing Wrong With Social Media Marketing

Posted on: December 28, 2010

What You’re Doing Wrong With Social Media MarketingIn an earlier post I had discussed that it’s important not to spread your marketing strategy too thin. You can’t dabble in a little social media, use some PPC periodically, write one blog post stuffed with keywords, among seven other different inadequate marketing ploys.

It is important to use a few different marketing channels but even more critically – it’s important to put the right amount of effort into each channel to ensure yourself some results.

There are very common mistakes that people make with each marketing channel that can prove deadly. These mistakes are the reason you’re not seeing results from your efforts. I’m going to discuss some of the problems you might be having with social media specifically, and give you a solution.

Social Media Marketing

  • Mistake: Wasting time because you don’t know how to do it right.
  • Solution: Doing it right.

If you set up a social media account, ad a bunch of people you think might be interested, bombard them all with links and advertisements, then immediately run to your sales returns and study them furiously – you’re doing it wrong. Social media is about generating relationships, customer loyalty, and word of mouth marketing.

It’s important to have a stock of customers (even if it’s small in the beginning), that LOVE you. If you have a number of customers that enjoy what you’ve done for them, they will talk about it. If you have a positive network of people talking about you on social media networks, the word will spread quickly and your company will gain credibility.

Once your company gains credibility, you have an advantage when it comes to a new customers purchase decision over your competitors.

The point is: social media is not a quick sale income generator. It takes a long period of time (often two years or more) to see returns. It is a good investment because it is a cost-effective way to brand your company.

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