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How To Build Customer Loyalty

Posted on: January 7, 2011

How To Build Customer LoyaltyThere’s plenty of advice out there about how to build customer loyalty but it all basically comes down to one basic fact. The customer is the most important part of your business. As long as you do what it takes to satisfy your customer and keep him or her returning to your business, you have done your job.

I was recently asked the tricky question: “do you believe the customer is always right?” It took me a while to muster up a good answer. Truthfully I believe it’s a sign of a good company if they believe in putting the customer first. The customer should always come before anything, including you as a small business owner.

Here are a few tips according to about how to build customer loyalty:

1. Be true to yourself.

You must have a good sense of what your business is about and how you fit into your market or industry before you can articulate that to others. Your selling point should reflect your passion. If you’re a restaurant owner interested in gourmet food, for instance, concentrate more on providing superior quality than speedy service or discount dinners.

2. Know your niche

Understand why you are successful today, what makes you different, and what brings repeat customers back over and over again. Is it exceptional quality, consummate convenience or great bargains? Even if you try to provide a little bit of all of that, you can’t be the best at everything. Focus on the thing that makes you successful — and make it better all the time.

3. Deliver what you promise.

Guarantee your products and services. Respect time constraints and budgets. After the sale, stay connected by inquiring about the success of the delivery and/or implementation. If something goes wrong, react quickly and compensate customers for any inconvenience. Solve problems before they are brought to your attention. Remember, most customers aren’t likely to complain to you – they’ll just complain to everyone they know.

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