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What Google’s Search Change Could Mean for Your Business

Posted on: January 10, 2011

What Google’s Search Change Could Mean for Your BusinessGoogle has made some changes that could seriously effect your business website’s search engine optimization. You’ll want to pay close attention here because if you’re like the rest of the small business owners out there – you’ve already put a serious amount of time and effort into optimizing your website for search engines.

What are these changes?

Google has been putting in some effort to make changes to their page-ranking algorithm. After the embarrassing incident with the shady eyewear company DecorMyEyes, Google responded rapidly by developing an initial algorithmic solution, implementing it, and the solution is now live.

Now that the new algorithm has been implemented, it may have altered the way search engine optimization experts adjust websites to raise their search engine rankings. One way of doing so would be to create an algorithm that detected merchants who “provide poor user experience,” and rank that site lower than others.
One theory according to Katherine Noyes for, is that customer reviews and feedback are becoming a part of Google’s page ranking formula.

What does this mean for you?

As a small business owner with an online presence, it is important to watch the links that are attributed to your website. One of the number one negative contributors to a website’s search engine ranking is link acquisition from known link brokers and sellers.

So, what you can do is: stick to the basics. If you stay on track with your current seo efforts, you should be fine so long as you avoid any unscrupulous tactics like spamming or any black hat techniques.

It is more important than ever to be genuine online. If you are fake and using less than honorable tactics to raise your page ranking, Google will figure you out.

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