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How Your Business can Profit from a Blog

Posted on: January 11, 2011

How Your Business can Profit from a BlogYour small business needs some personality. You need a way to connect with your customers and offer them more than just a product – offer an experience they will remember and refer to others. It is important to develop something unique that makes your small business the one to buy from.

Michael Cage, an avid blogger about entrepreneurship wrote a really great post on his site Entrepreneurs Life, about how blogging can return profits for your business. Although it may seem like a lot of work to keep up a blog, it can be one of the best business decisions you make as a small business owner.

Here is some of Michael’s great advice on blogging for your business:

1. When local retailer’s blog it gives your shop personality.

There’s a business principle that people like doing business with other people, not nameless, faceless corporations. Your blog is your local business’s “name and face,” and gives your customers and clients a way to interact with your business on a personal level. And the more personal they feel their relationship with you is, the more often they’ll chose you over “x retailer” down the road … no matter how cheap or fast or whatever that competitor may be.

2. Introduce new offers, specials and sales on your retail blog.

Instead of waiting until someone is in your doors to tell them about your new new product or service, tell them on your blog and bring them into your business.

For example, you can write a blog post that’s a version of, “The most common question I get asked is _______. So we searched far and wide for (the solution), and narrowed it down to (what you’re selling). Here’s why it’s great. And here’s what you’ll love about it. Come check it out.”

You’ll excite your loyal customers and clients who already know you provide quality products and services. And you’ll make prospects want to work with you because you’ve shown you have their best interest at heart. This is much more effective than the “here’s what we have, take it or leave it” approach most businesses take.

3. Blogging increases referrals and word of mouth marketing.

A viral blog post spreads. Which means word of your business spreads, too. All it takes is one great idea and one rant about it on your blog to increase awareness of your local business. Plus, you can actively encourage referals by making stars of your customers on your blog. For example, highlight a customer who achieved amazing results with something you offer.

When you make a big deal out of someone, they’ll want to make a big deal out of you by referring.

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