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What to Focus on When Using Social Media Marketing

Posted on: January 12, 2011

What to Focus on When Using Social Media MarketingThe world of social media is vast and growing. Facebook with 500 million users leads the revolution that is disrupting advertising professionals, marketing experts, and small business owners alike. However, if you can embrace the power of social media and use it to your advantage, you might be able to see your small business jump ahead of the race.

If you use social media the correct way, that is to build and strengthen relationships, you can build brand awareness, loyalty, and generate word-of-mouth marketing. What better way to sell your product than to have your customers sell them for you?

Susan Gunelius of gives some insight on how you can use social media to build your brand.

Branded online destinations

According to Gunelius, you should use the most effective social media channel as your “core destination.” For example, if you want to use Twitter over Facebook because you think it’ll reach more people in your target audience, have your ads and other promotions direct customers back to your Twitter page for the real information you’re trying to portray.

“Of course, for small-business owners without the manpower to effectively manage too many destinations, you should consider testing each of these to determine which social media service you’re most likely to stick with over the long haul,” Gunelius says.

Locate your target audience and bring them back with you

You need to figure out who your target audience is, where they spend their time, what their trends and preferences are. You may be thinking – Geez that sounds like a ton of work – and to be perfectly honest, it is. If you want your marketing strategy to work, you need to put the appropriate amount of effort into the research portion of it.

According to Gunelius “One of the most important aspects to accomplishing this with your branded online destinations is to continually publish meaningful content that adds value to the reader’s experience.”

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