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Why SEO is Still Just as Important as Social Media

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Why SEO is Still Just as Important as Social MediaEven if you have a social media marketing strategy for your online business (or business website), it’s important to continue organic search engine optimization methods. In order for your business website to become a worthwhile investment, it should be able to do all the work for you. Your website should be designed to be accessible to customers, and to convert customers.

According to certain SEO experts, Google still makes up about 75% of the search market. This means that using the power of Google is important for your business website’s exposure.

Small Business Trends is a great resource for budding businesses. Here are a few words of wisdom from Small Business Trends on how to use the power of search engine optimization to your advantage.

SEO Basics

Why is organic traffic still the most valuable? The first thing you ought to know about marketing online is that not all traffic to your Website is created equal. According to Aaron Wall, who is, of course, in the SEO marketing game, the difference between paid traffic and organic traffic is simple. It comes down to a question of value.

Search engines are still important, even in a Facebook world. Google may not be as important as it used to be, but that’s not to say you can leave Search Engine Optimization out when marketing your online business. In fact, the key concerns web developer Jon-Mikel Bailey often shares with clients about building their Web presence and the traffic that should follow are about equally divided.


Do you believe in paid search? Organic traffic, that is visitors who arrive at your site due merely to the relevant search terms and generally the ease with which your site can be crawled and indexed via search engines like Google, may still be the best traffic in online marketing. But if you doubt the value of paid traffic, usually through pay per click ads and the like, a simple experiment could change your mind.

Blogging: Still the best search marketing strategy. Creating a blog has long been considered one of the simplest and best ways to engage in simple search marketing for your online business. Creating a blog for your brand or adding a blog to your Website will improve your Search Engine Optimization.

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