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How To Effectively Nurture Leads

Posted on: February 7, 2011

How To Effectively Nurture LeadsIf you are a business owner that uses emails to follow up on leads, it is important to understand how to effectively create engaging emails that encourage consumers to respond, rather than stop reading, as most consumers do.

You may be finding that consumers don’t even bother to unsubscribe, they just simply delete your emails before opening them. Brian Carroll, a blogger that focuses on B2B lead generation and sales leads, gives us some tips on how to properly nurture leads through email:

Tip 1. Stage in the buying process:

Be sure to provide different kinds of information to your prospect based on what point they are in the buying process. If you have a complex sale, the best way I know how to do this is to combine a human touch to build relationships with your lead nurturing message. If they are an early stage lead and they are just starting to get familiar with the business issues you solve, don’t send them the same copy that you would send someone who is on the verge of making a decision.

Tip 2. Industry vertical:

Industry information will more than likely tell you what pains your prospects are experiencing, while company size will give you a hint as to the resources they have available to tackle these challenges. Be sure to add this information to your marketing data often so that you can easily define your target segments based on these indicators.

Tip 3. Message style:

This is the hardest to get right. Each audience responds differently to style. That’s why you should test, test, test. Try different subject lines (this is my favorite relevancy booster – I find using the less marketing hype the better). Try different message copy and calls to action. The response to your A/B tests will help you understand which style is most relevant and effective with your audience. Try different mediums (don’t rely on email only nurturing).

While these tips should prove very helpful in your lead nurturing efforts, email shouldn’t be the only channel you chose when trying to convert leads into sales. Try following up with leads through social media marketing. Discussing your product through social media networks with customers can not only give them a better idea of why your product can help alleviate their pains, but can illustrate why your company is the better choice among your competitors.

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