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How To Turn Browsers into Buyers

Posted on: February 9, 2011

How To Turn Browsers into BuyersOnce you have set up your business website with e-commerce capability, you need to be able measure some returns. Why is it that browsers mill about your website and then bail as soon as they need to make a decision? What can you do to get them to subscribe to you, purchase from you, and give you their information?

There are several things you can do to convert more customers. WSI Marketing has some great tips on their website on how to increase your credibility and provide a positive online experience for your customers, which will undoubtedly increase your conversion rate and your online business’s ROI.

Improve your business credibility

Is your website professional? According to WSI Marketing, “consumers can be skittish, especially online. The slightest sign of impropriety can send them back to their search engine results to find another site, which may have a more professional and trustworthy appearance, even if it means paying a little more for the same product or service.”

You can make very simple improvements to your website to increase your credibility in the minds of your consumers. Some of these improvements include:

  • Consistently display contact information like telephone numbers for your business.
  • Post genuine testimonials and case studies of customers that are happy with your product.
  • Have an organized and easy to navigate website design, nothing too flashy or distracting from your main objective.
  • Have complete product information.
  • Double check all of your links and make sure they are working.

Have control of your website

If your web hosting service requires a fee every time you want to make a change, it can detract from the effectiveness of your website. It’s extremely important to have a content management system that allows you to have total control over your website content. You need to be continuously updating your content as you discover issues that your customers are having.

If you notice that you are getting a solid amount of website traffic but people simply aren’t buying, you need to have access to your content in order to make improvements to solve that problem. Also, if customers are asking the same questions (such as what is your warranty policy?), you should have the answer readily available on your website.

The key is to be adaptive. Be aware of what your customers want to know and need to know before making a purchase. Continuously updating the content on your site is the best way to convert browsers into buyers.

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