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How To Balance Your Business and Your Marriage

Posted on: February 11, 2011

How To Balance Your Business and Your MarriageIn lieu of Valentine’s Day next week i decided to cover a topic a little closer to our hearts. How do we business-oriented people balance our relationships and our professions? This sort of advice can apply to any career-oriented person, not just the newly budding entrepreneur or over-achieving small business owner.
recently posted an article that discusses the ultimate business question: how do you balance your business and your personal life? Any mentor will tell you that owning your own business can often strain even the best marriages. The article shows how three couples manage to balance romance and business.

Couple #1

Travel often comes with the territory when you own your own business. Entrepreneurs Peter and Susan Fuller (married for 18 years) have firsthand experience. They each own a separate business in Indianapolis and Peter is forced to travel frequently – one of the number one strains of any relationship, especially if there are children involved.

Peter felt he was doing his best to stay connected but once he slowed his business travel to once every six weeks, and supplemented the time apart with Skype video calls, the couple was able to regain their passion.

Their advice:

in any relationship it’s important to have similar goals, like having the freedom to create their own paths in life.

Couple #2

Another struggle couples often go through when business is involved is the failure of a venture. Dediako Rogers watched helplessly as his real-estate business plummeted in 2008 after the housing-market collapse. He and his wife, Rachel were newlyweds and were constantly cutting expenses in every way they could, including downsizing their home and sharing one vehicle.

The couple was able to get back on their feet after Rachel received her law degree and started a law firm serving Gen-Y entrepreneurs and business owners.

Their advice:

Being married to another entrepreneur is helpful because you understand each other’s drive to run their own business. Be supportive of each others’ pursuits and encourage each other to start new businesses and try new things.

Couple #3

One of the most unlikely strains comes from being married to your business partner. It can make it difficult to keep business from becoming involved in every part of your life. Jessica Rovello and Kenny Rosenblatt met while working at a tech company and launched an online gaming business in 2001 together. They married in 2004.

The two experienced difficulties when they caught themselves bringing their work home.

Their advice:

Respect each other’s passion for your professions. It’s important to balance work topics with fun topics as well.

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