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If you are an active blogger, you know that it’s difficult enough to maintain concentration as you write. Not only that, but you have to pump out a new blog everyday with quality content an interesting topic. How do successful bloggers avoid falling into the “I’m just going to write this and get it over with” mental trap?

To be a productive blogger, there are certain disciplinary measure you need to take. Follow these steps and watch as your content improves, your search engine traffic increases, and you gain more readership.

Are You Addicted To Your Email?

You could be wasting valuable time by sending or receiving personal email. According to a 2009 Gallup Poll, the average employee spends over 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity. This does not include an email marketing strategy, strictly personal use.

When it comes to the block of time you designate to sit down and write your blog post, the only reason you should be checking your email is to see if you have any feedback for recent posts that you might be able to include in your new one. Save email for later.

Expound On Your Creativity

Every writer knows what it feels like to be on a creative roll. You feel like you can write forever, in fact you may feel like you can barely type fast enough to keep up with the flowing train of thoughts. If you are ever in a creative think tank, try writing a few additional articles and saving them for later.

There are always some days when you’re feeling the woes of blogger’s block, so you will be grateful to have stashed (quality) articles for days when you need a copywriting break.

Make A Schedule

Yes, we’re writers, some of us love creative chaos and write simply when an idea pops into our heads. Many bloggers have a difficult time writing as per specified schedules.

So, although this may not sound ideal, it works. Create a posting list, with a list of topics and a brief outline of how you want to discuss that topic. This will make writing on schedule without struggling for a topic so much easier.

When you are able to write blogs productively, on an interesting topic, and with quality content, you have the ability to focus more time on gaining visibility and increasing your traffic. Be sure to write with Search Engine Optimization in mind, and spend as much spare time as possible expanding your Social Media influence.


Writings blogs takes technique if you want a loyal set of followers. You feel your content is relevant and worth reading, so use these 9 tips to prove to your readers why your content deserves some readership.

Be authentic

In order to inspire a loyal readership and consistent following, you must be authentic. Use all of your own information, source your research, and don’t plagiarize. For your blog to be successful, you must be trustworthy. Write about things you actually have experience and expertise in.

Personalize it

Don’t be afraid to add some personal touch. If you have certain phrases, metaphors, analogies, or anything that makes your writing a little more “yours,” use it! Give people a reason to recognize your material as more than just a generic blog.


You are writing for your readers, explore forums and see what people are talking about and what they’re interested in relative to your topic. Also, your blogs need value. Your readers should want to read your material to gain a little bit more knowledge about a topic that already as their interest.

It is very important that you’re not just repeating what someone else already said. Most of the time this happens not because we’re trying to copy other people but due to our lack of research.
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Read other blogs

By referencing other blogs you can create great backlinks and also draw a lot of attention if you’re providing a different point of view on a popular topic. By reading other blogs, you’ll get a little more insight on the difference between popular blogs and rarely-viewed blogs.

Assess your audience

Who are you writing for? The type of audience you are writing for is highly influential in determining your content. You need to determine the maturity level should you write with, how appropriate it is, and how people of that demographic will actually benefit.

Don’t be too narrow

By narrowing your topic, you’ll simply run out of topics to write about. Blogger’s block is frustrating and often difficult to avoid. When you feel yourself struggling to find a topic, go back to the basics and write about something a little more broad.


Simply, don’t overdo it. Try to avoid use fluffy language, blogs are designed to be a quick read, just a daily dose of information. By using headings, pictures, lists, and charts, you relay your information creatively and succinctly. It’s much more attractive to the average blog browser than a massive block of text.

Discuss, Don’t promote

You’re a writer. Try not to oversell or over-advertise a particular product you’re discussing. You will no doubt lose followers and credibility if you are judged as an advertiser or self-promoter posing as a blogger.

Write everyday

By writing everyday, you’re increasing the amount of content you disseminate into the ever-changing web. You will gain followers because of your consistency and the fact that you deliver. Also, it’s challenging to write everyday, push yourself to learn more and write better.