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How Important Are Your Business Website's Interior Pages?The other pages on your business website are just as important as your homepage. In fact, they may require even more attention than your homepage because they are more detailed and specific, rather than giving your customers a generalization of your product and company.

It is important to spend a lot of time and effort on your other pages because according to, almost four out of every 10 visitors to a website enter the site from somewhere other than the homepage. This could be the blog, the about page, or even the sales page. That’s why it’s so important to make sure every page has an adequate amount of information – and it sells.

Review your web analytics and see what pages people are landing on when they first visit your business website. If it’s not your homepage, you have some work to do.

What to have on your interior web pages

According to, there is a short list of absolute necessities to include on your interior pages. These are:

  • Company logo and tagline
  • Consistent navigation (including search)
  • Call to action both above and below the fold (on the page before you scroll down and after)
  • Clear, concise, compelling, and grammatically correct copy
  • Consistent design and color scheme to establish brand presence, and
  • Advertisements to promote featured products, services and special offers

Each page on your business website should clearly state what you offer and why it is beneficial to the consumer. It should guide the visitor to your product sales page with effective calls to action. Pay attention to small details, as they will help you in the long run.

Your business website and its accessibility is critical to your company’s online success. If each page doesn’t have the care and precision you’ve dedicated to your homepage, then you’ve wasted your time. Your business website is there to give a professional, valuable, and rewarding experience to your customers.

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How To Hone Your Marketing SkillsIf you feel like your business’s marketing strategy is lacking and your business is not getting the attention it needs, it is important to review the skills you need to market your products and services effectively.

Marketing takes a certain amount of skill and tact. You have to know what works and what doesn’t before you create your marketing strategy. Here are a few characteristic skills you need to hone before your marketing efforts see any results.

Marketing and sales must work together

While it is important to distinguish the fact that marketing and sales are two very different avenues for a business owner to explore, they also need to coincide with a common goal. Your marketing team should respect the values and experiences of your sales team.

Sales people work with customers much more often. A successful sales person knows more about the target audience and loyal consumer than any well-researched marketer out there because sales people witness customer feedback firsthand. While your marketing strategy should still focus on gaining customer loyalty and increasing your brand equity, consulting with the sales people in your company can provide a unique perspective, and give a voice to the consumer.

Understanding social media marketing

It is also extremely important to have a clear understanding of the power of social media marketing. A social media marketing strategy should be implemented over the span of one to two years. Any results before that time will be minimal. While you may be a little apprehensive at the idea of putting forth effort for a year or two without expecting results, be aware that social media marketing can increase your brand’s reputation, your search engine rankings, and if done properly – your revenue stream.

If you choose to implement a social media marketing strategy, choose a few main channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. Use these channels to connect with your audience and gather as much information and feedback as you can. If your audience is convinced that your brand is there to help better the quality of their lives, you will have a leg up on your competition who, by the way, is probably already on Facebook.

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Retail Sales Increase - What It Means for Small Business OwnersAccording to the Wall Street Journal, November saw a significant increase in sales that gave the economy a real boost. Merchants reported better-than-expected sales, giving the average small business owner some hope for the future.

The Commerce Department said Tuesday that retail sales increased by 0.8% in November, outperforming the 0.5% increase economists had predicted. The increase in sales rose to the highest level since November 2007 – right before the recession began, according to the article.

Holiday Shopping is Critical for Business Owners

As a small business owner you understand the importance of boosting your sales during the holidays. As Thanksgiving rolls around every year your head is probably buzzing with sale and discount opportunities. According to the article, Jim Baird, and investment strategist for Plante Moran Financial Advisors, confirmed that consumers were boosting spending in the middle of the holiday shopping season – the most critical time for business owners.

It’s difficult as a business owner not to depend so much on holiday shopping. However, we have hope for the future.

“Compared to a year ago, the results are very encouraging,” Baird said.

Survey Results

According to the article, Tuesday’s retail-sales report showed auto and parts sales fell by 0.8% in November, after surging 5.6% during October. But excluding autos, retail sales in November rose 1.2%, topping expectations for a gain of 0.7% as general-merchandise store sales climbed by 1.3% and clothing-store sales surged 2.7%. Non-store retailers, which include mail order and Internet sales, jumped 2.1% in November.

How to Maximize the Sales Increase for Your Business

As a small business owner, you should see these numbers and get excited about the possibilities of the future. However, you need to make sure you have the right tools to maximize on the sales increases. Do you have a business website? If not, you absolutely need one. It is so critical these days to make sure that you are available to consumers from any channel they might use. Have a business website that is compatible with e-commerce; it can be the most powerful investment you have.

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