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Does Social Bookmarking Really Work?Social bookmarking is the process of storing, organizing, searching, and managing bookmarks of web pages that you want to remember or share with your social network. Effective social bookmarking sites include StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious.

Why Social Bookmarking?

You absolutely need to use social bookmarking sites when you publish new content, whether that’s new web pages, blog posts, or news and press articles. Social bookmarking works because it will drive large amount of traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking communities view bookmarks either chronologically, by tags, or by search engines. When you bookmark a page on your website and share it with an online community, it classifies that page as useful within the particular category you specified. The bookmark is then disseminated and shared among a viral community.

Social bookmarking is the third most effective medium of searching and finding useful information, preceded only by Google searches and directly visiting websites. It is a powerful marketing tool you should use to promote the information on your website and drive an amount of traffic almost equitable to what you get from Google searches.

How to use social bookmarking effectively

Rich Brooks of Social Media Examiner wrote in a recent blog post:

“It’s always best when someone else bookmarks your content, so it might makes sense to have a small ‘bookmarking club’ with friends where you promote each other’s work. This ‘seeding’ will often encourage others to bookmark your content.”

His advice is very useful in that bookmarking your own content will work in terms of search rankings, but it may end up looking like just promotional efforts in the eyes of your consumers.

When you publish new content (i.e. new web pages or blog posts), make sure you bold your keywords, add related links back to your website, and use tags to categorize your information to make searches more effective. Then, bookmark your site on a few different social bookmarking channels like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious.

In a day or two, review your web analytics and see exactly where your traffic came from. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly social bookmarking can work for you.

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Tips To Appear Higher Up On GoogleOne of the biggest mistakes you can make with a small business website is just waiting for traffic to come to you. Why not, if you have a great product? Wrong. If you have a small business website you need to get your market’s attention. That’s not going to happen by simply offering a good product.

Your small business website has two different types of Google rankings. You have your search engine ranking and your page ranking. While they essentially work together to determine your website’s worth, they have a different set of criteria that defines the rank.

Search Engine Ranking

Your search engine ranking is where you end up on a results page after a person conducts a keyword search through Google. Naturally, people are going to click higher up on Google to get what they want. So, it’s important for you to put some effort into your website so you show up higher on Google.

Page Ranking

Every web page out there has a score between 0 and 10 (10 being the better score). This score represents how influential your web page is. According to, Google updates page rankings four times every year. There are several things you can do to improve your individual page ranking as well.

If you don’t know your ranking, simply search for your product on Google and see where you end up. You also have the option of finding a web page that shows page ranks – for you and your competitors. If you install Google’s Toolbar, you will have the ability to see each site’s page rank as you visit them.

Here are a few ways to improve your page ranking and your overall search engine rankings:

Build links

The more pages out there that link back to your site, the higher you will appear on a search engine, it’s as simple as that. This means you should participate in conversation with others (or even your competitors), and provide a link back to your website. Social Media is another great place to leave links.


Use keywords throughout every webpage, but don’t practice keyword stuffing. If you stuff your content with keywords, Google can actually punish your ranking. Try to use keywords as naturally as possible throughout your web content.

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How To Make People Buy From Your WebsitePicture this: You’ve finally set up a website for you small business, you’ve hired the best designer in town…and nothing’s changed. If this sounds like you, you’re pretty much stuck until you gain control over your content.

As a business owner with an online presence, having the authority and access to your web content is crucial to your website’s success. If you want a professional site that successfully represents your company, brings more customers to your business, and increases your revenue stream, there are a few techniques you need to use.

Use a Content Management System

It’s your website. Essentially, it’s another branch of your business. Because it’s not quite as straight forward as your brick-and-mortar location, you might not realize exactly how much work goes into making your website an effective location of commerce.

If you have a content management system, you can easily update content to keep up with the ever-changing consumer demand. You also have control over the keywords, meta-tags, and meta-descriptions that drive traffic from search engines to your site. This is important because keywords are always changing and your website needs to change with them.

Eliminate Clutter

Definitely avoid using industry-specific jargon. People are interested in buying your product to solve a specific problem. If you clutter up your content with too much information that is beyond the level of even the most basic customer, they can quickly be put off by it. In the simple words of Jen Udan from

“If they don’t understand what you’re selling, they won’t buy.”

Keep Your Website Simple

While flashing lights and fun graphics are always cool, they might actually render your site ineffective. People are looking for answers to their questions when they reach your website. If at anytime they feel confused, it doesn’t take much for customers to leave your website and visit a competitor’s.

Make sure everything on your website is clear. Your homepage should have basic information about your product and its benefits. In addition, every page should have a clear call to action. This call to action needs to be identified by you, the business owner. What do you want your browsers to do after reading your information, call you? Subscribe to you? Order from you? These questions need to be answered before writing any content because it should provide the framework in which you write any and all of your information.

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How To Make Your Website More Valuable to CustomersIf you have recently started up your own business, you need a website. With the amount of consumers that are embracing the world of e-commerce, you really can’t afford to be inaccessible online. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce option on your website, it should still be there for information and interaction with consumers.

There are several different factors that go into building a website for your business. You need a simple design that’s easy to navigate, quality content that can convert browsers into buyers, and an option for customers to provide feedback and opinions.

Web Accessibility

One of the most important factors of building your website is optimizing it for search engines. In order for people to find your website, or even know it exists, it must be available for consumers after they conduct a search to find the product or service you offer.

There are several different components that add to your search engine rankings (how high you appear on search results). Quality content and copy is of the utmost importance. Conducting thorough keyword research and creating unique title tags for your web pages can sincerely make a difference in your visibility online.

Social Media

Recently, search engines are using social media as another way to rank websites. If there is a lot of positive feedback regarding your website, product, or service, you will be ranked higher on search engiines.

Using social media as a source to drive traffic to your website is another reason why you should have valuable content within your web pages. If your audience takes the bait and ends up at your website, they should be satisfied with the valuable information that you offer.

It is important to provide information and instigate 2-way communication with your audience, whether that be through Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. Nick James of says:

“Obviously, if you’re providing a useful resource for users, whether through a blog, regularly updated articles, or just the core pages of your website itself, then you’ll inevitably develop a base of regularly returning readers. If you’re actually selling something through your website then this increases the opportunities for successful conversions.”

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What Google’s Search Change Could Mean for Your BusinessGoogle has made some changes that could seriously effect your business website’s search engine optimization. You’ll want to pay close attention here because if you’re like the rest of the small business owners out there – you’ve already put a serious amount of time and effort into optimizing your website for search engines.

What are these changes?

Google has been putting in some effort to make changes to their page-ranking algorithm. After the embarrassing incident with the shady eyewear company DecorMyEyes, Google responded rapidly by developing an initial algorithmic solution, implementing it, and the solution is now live.

Now that the new algorithm has been implemented, it may have altered the way search engine optimization experts adjust websites to raise their search engine rankings. One way of doing so would be to create an algorithm that detected merchants who “provide poor user experience,” and rank that site lower than others.
One theory according to Katherine Noyes for, is that customer reviews and feedback are becoming a part of Google’s page ranking formula.

What does this mean for you?

As a small business owner with an online presence, it is important to watch the links that are attributed to your website. One of the number one negative contributors to a website’s search engine ranking is link acquisition from known link brokers and sellers.

So, what you can do is: stick to the basics. If you stay on track with your current seo efforts, you should be fine so long as you avoid any unscrupulous tactics like spamming or any black hat techniques.

It is more important than ever to be genuine online. If you are fake and using less than honorable tactics to raise your page ranking, Google will figure you out.

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How a Blog can Increase Sales for Your Online BusinessIf you have a small business, you probably already understand how crucial it is to have an online presence. Studies have shown how the world of commerce, marketing, and social interaction are all transitioning online, so there’s no reason not to be accessible on the Internet.

Once your online business is set up, you need something to continuously drive traffic to your site. Incorporating a blog into your business website can be one of the best investments you make. While it takes a lot of work and time for the results to show from blogging, the results are definitely worth it.

Why your blog will work

A blog is a low-cost (often free) form of marketing that can produce significant results such as long term relationships with customers and an increase in traffic. When you set up a blog, you can easily (and continuously) update content and publish it for your customers and viewers to see.

By having control over the content, you can update and inform your customers about new products, services, and promotions. Blogs are great because they can spread quickly across the Internet. So long as they have quality information that is worth the reading, you can gain and retain the attention of fleeting Internet browsers.

Blogs are also a great advantage to have when trying to optimize your website for search engines. Blogs are screened much quicker than entire websites by search engines and as long as you have some sort of call to action in your blog posts, it can drive people to your website with established interest.

Blogs also help with establishing customer loyalty. They can be very interactive. For example, a customer can pose a question or request, and you can recognize that in a blog post. This makes that customer feel important and recognized – adding to your credibility and building on your relationship with customers. You can even use blog posts to give your employees some empowerment, have them write posts once in a while so your entire company can be heard.

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4 BIG Small Business Changes for 2011As the year 2010 comes to a close, many small business owners are enjoying the holidays and looking forward to the future. There will be several changes and enhancements in the world of small business next year; many of these changes have already started to take place.

Mobile Applications

For the past couple years, it was important for business owners to build an effective website and then create a mobile app to supplement the website and make access more readily available to consumers. Next year, it will become imperative for a small business owner to design your website keeping mobile in mind. Your site should be simple, clean, and easy to read from a mobile device.

Social Media

It’s already becoming mandatory for small businesses to have a social media presence, so what could be changing for next year? Social media marketing may very well shift from connecting with consumers to selling to consumers. Now that social media users are becoming desensitized to seeing businesses’ presence on social media, it will come time for consumers to do business on social media. Workers with skills in social media will have a busy year next year.


Search engine optimization will get even more complicated next year, content will still be incredibly important of course, but search engines are getting smarter too. You won’t be able to rely on stuffing your content with keywords. Search engines will begin to differentiate the value of keywords by using methods such as ranking the amount certain keywords are mentioned on social media sites. Next year, it will be about how you use your keywords, not how much you use them.

Traditional Marketing

There are rumors floating around the Internet saying that traditional marketing, like direct mail, telemarketing, radio advertising, and the like are fizzling out. Now, marketing must be a form of entertainment. Marketing is revolutionizing into a form of customer acquisition in which businesses aspire to gain relationships with customers, rather than sales.

It is important to keep up with trends. Some trends may stay as trends, and some may die out. Social media looks like it’s here to stay so it’s important to develop a social media strategy for your business and your website.

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