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About IntelBuilder Social Media Platform

IntelBuilder Social Media PlatformIt is easy to see why IntelBuilder is such a desirable social media platform. The variety of features allow users unequaled opportunities to share and disseminate information and the simplicity of the product makes it a pleasure to use.

This social media platform is designed from the ground up for developers and designers so they can build feature rich social media websites.

Here are some of IntelBuilder’s many proprietary benefits:

  • You get automatic update of your web content and blog posts on all of your registered social networks.
  • You get automatic submission to major bookmarking websites.
  • You get automatic SEO optimization based on the content of your website and blog posts.
  • You get extensive website reporting of web traffic and statistics.
  • You get automatic RSS distribution to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major news and media providers.
  • You get effective management and tracking of your subscribers and readership.

This is the social media platform you want working for you. IntelBuilder Social Media Platform – it is simply the best way to enhance your online advertising and social media marketing efforts.

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